Academic Programs



King’s Christian Academy’s preschool program is an early childhood program in which children combine learning with play in a program run by professionally trained adults. Our program engages two, three, and four year old students with the BJU Footpaths and Footsteps Pre-school programs, preparing them for Kindergarten and beyond. Our goal is to give these students a biblical worldview foundation, to learn who God is, as they work on character building skills.  We strive to do everything through the eyes of Christ and use the Bible to guide learning and discipline.

Lower Elementary

King’s Christian Academy’s Lower Elementary Program consists of Kindergarten through third grade and focuses on creating a biblical worldview foundation through the subject areas of Bible, reading, phonics, spelling, math, social studies, and science using the BJU Press Curriculum. Students within these grades become aware of who God is and how He has created the world for us to enjoy as well as created us to worship Him.  Students understand that because God created the world, everything that we study is created by Him and there is a reason and a purpose for all that we learn.  Students continue to work on character building skills through the use of God’s word.

Upper Elementary

King’s Christian Academy’s Upper Elementary Program includes fourth, fifth and sixth grade with a focus on students becoming independent with the confidence of knowing who they are in Christ. Students continue in their study of Bible, reading, English, science, math, and social studies through the use of several curriculum: BJU Press, Answers in Genesis, Virginia Studies, and select novels. Teachers help students individually discover who Christ is and how to apply scripture to their life.

Jr. High & High School

In the Junior High School Program at KCA our seventh and eighth grade students are maturing in their relationship with Christ and are learning how to defend their faith with others.  Students continue to learn God’s creation in Bible, Math, Science, History, and English Language Arts using curriculum such as BJU, All About Math, Apologia, Answers in Genesis, and various novels. In eighth grade students have the opportunity to receive several high school credits including Algebra I and Earth Science. Students are exposed to a more independent environment as they learn and grow into all God has created them to be.

King’s Christian Academy’s High School Program offers a variety of academia all focusing on a Biblical Worldview foundation.  At this stage, students learn the great commission and continue to enhance their understanding of their faith as well as be able to defend it by witnessing to others.  We know that God has created each one of us with different gifts and talents, therefore KCA is offering three diploma tracks: skills diploma track, standard diploma track, and an advanced diploma track including dual enrollment courses.  

View our High School Preview Page to download the Course Catalog for the 2022-2023 school year. 


At King’s Christian Academy students get to experience more than just academics.  We encourage students to be physically active with Physical Education daily for elementary students, and junior high and high school students attend three times a week.  We also encourage students to explore their creative side through the arts. Elementary students attend Art and Music classes weekly, and our older students have the opportunity to choose these as an elective if they want to further pursue the Arts.  KCA students will also benefit from a foreign language experience through Spanish classes.