Lion’s Pride

Lion's Pride

A pride is a family of adult lions that train and nurture their cubs together and that’s what we want to be at KCA.  Lion’s Pride is made up of KCA parents who are committed to celebrating KCA’s staff and families.  We hold several special events throughout the year for our families and teachers.  We’re here to help cultivate positive relationships between parents, teachers, and our children.  We’d love to have you join us in volunteering throughout the year in any of our special events or fundraisers.  Your involvement at KCA will not only benefit your child, their classmates, but it will benefit you as well!  If you’re ready to get involved, or if you have questions, contact us our PTF chairperson, Amy Kingery, at

Special Events

    • Parents Night Out
    • Donuts for Dad & Muffins for Mom
    • Daddy Daughter Dance
    • Layman Family Farm Nights


Spirit Nights are great opportunities for you to come out and meet other KCA families while having fun and supporting the school.  Look for details throughout the year to meet up at the following places which give a percentage of the night’s profits to KCA.  Fundraising with a lot of fun!

    • Chick Fil A Spirit Nights
    • Bounce
    • Firehouse Skate & Play
    • Launching Pad
    • Thunder Valley
    • Vinton Bowling