“Equipping Warriors for Christ”

At King’s Christian Academy, we are committed to providing our students with the very best education in preparation for an ever-increasingly complex world in which they will live, work, play, and one day raise families. A strong academic foundation is, of course, one of the keys to success in life, but we believe that such is only one aspect of your child’s life-training.

The high standards of King’s Christian Academy are always expanding through academic evaluations of curriculum, teaching techniques, and individual classes within our school’s program. Also, students are offered educational and career-focused opportunities to become prepared for academic challenges at the college and university level, as well as for any future career choices they might make. The unique aptitudes and abilities of every student demands that we support each one so they may develop a positive self-image and the confidence to achieve.

Coupled with a solid academic program, KCA is focused on the development of the student as a whole person. This means that we are concerned about character development and spiritual growth as well. Our vision is to prepare our students to be men and women of integrity, honor, dignity, and trustworthiness. We believe that these essential characteristics flow out of our faith in and relationship to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

In the same way that our program provides opportunities for students to grow in knowledge and skill, we also stress the physical, social, and spiritual aspects of development in order that they may be maximized. Biblical truths are taught to provide a foundation from which students may draw in order that they have knowledge to make excellent choices which will establish them for a lifetime.

At King’s Christian Academy we want to encourage students to become Christ-like in character and excellent in intellectual and vocational development. As a graduate of King’s Christian Academy, our students are prepared for life!

Vision – King’s Christian Academy believes that those who give their lives to Christ are new creations and is committed to supporting students to become fully committed followers of Christ through providing an excellent education, developing Godly character, and establishing a stable, strong Biblical worldview foundation. King’s Christian Academy’s vision is committed to preparing students to be men and women of integrity, honor, dignity, and trustworthiness so that they can face a changing and complex world and represent Christ in all aspects of their lives.

KCA’s Core Values: Building Relationships – Equipping – Discipling – Sending – Serving

Building Relationships: Developing relationships with peers, the community, local churches and Christian schools, to create a faith network that is world altering

Equipping: Developing a personal, meaningful, and lasting relationship with Jesus that creates Warriors for Christ.

Discipling: Becoming more like Jesus through peer and staff mentors, teachers, chapels, and accountability.

Sending: Impacting the community by becoming disciplers in their community engagement opportunities, service, careers, and life beyond KCA.

Serving: Serving others and the community in the model of Jesus Christ.