Students for Life – KCA

Mission Statement

The goal of Lions For Life is to raise awareness of the reality of abortion in an effort to eliminate the future loss of preborn lives, to educate others on how to defend their pro-life views, and to impact our community and the in-need mothers and fathers we find there.”

Meet Our Leaders

Joey Rains, Founder & Current President: “I started Lions For Life because I saw the amazing work which Students for Life was doing and knew that God was calling me to join them. For years God has put the pro-life movement on my heart, and it has been my goal to educate myself the best I can to equip myself and others for the defending of pre-born babies.”

Josiah Hodges, Director of Newsletters: “I joined Lions For Life because for a while now, I have been heavily involved in the Pro-Life Movement and it just pains me to see people murdering countless babies. The Bible makes it clear that an unborn child is a precious life and Psalm 139 is a perfect example of this.”

Addy Mongan, Social Media Coordinator: “I joined Lions For Life because I saw a need for strong student representation in the pursuit to protect the lives of preborn children. After joining Lions For Life, I already have an improved knowledge on how to defend our pursuit, and how to support mothers in need.”